Are there gay dating sims

Not even by a long shot if you read the Steam reviews. I'm going to leave the back-and-forth here.

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Dream Daddy 's success belies a long-held assumption of the mainstream gaming world: The result is something as sincere and funny as it is heart-rending, a self-aware, deeply humanistic game whose witty script makes even the most groan-worthy dad puns seem to sparkle. Perhaps one night stands at middle school, colourful dating sims - android apps. It's a pretty pornographic game but it feels wholesome somehow. You can get a few of them if you search in the internet, specially the Japanese ones. Informational 21 March. Hopefully it gets in the final release of the game:

But again, I enjoyed the game and a huge fan of the Grumps. I'm a gay man, and I'm happy with how it was presented. However, there are several valid, repeated, criticisms of the game, and pointing them out doesn't make someone "hope" for the games failure. Any specific things you dislike about it that don't relate to Joseph? Because even setting aside the cut ending, he's supposed to be a creep.

Dude cheats on his wife, does a bunch of creeper moves like seducing you out in his boat you know You're not a special one time thing for him, Mary is stuck in a failing marriage with him and I feel super bad for her. Eldet is already mentioned. Hunks Workshop is cool.


Tho heavily censored and I don't know if there is an English version anywhere. My Magical Boyfriends And I is a full game that is released for free. You need to register to view the thread though. If you want to translate the game, use this guide: ATH copies the text directly to the clipboard, you can paste the text to Bing after it's displayed.

I actually really enjoyed it. Willie's beachside trailer full of houseplants is soooo charming. I liked that as well. It's a pretty pornographic game but it feels wholesome somehow. The village and characters are quite charming and the relationships between characters are healthy. It makes me want to live in a cute little house in a cute little beach community full of other gays, spending my day hanging out in a cute little store, and guessing who I will hook up with next: That's adorable!

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Find games tagged Dating Sim and LGBT like Signed and Sealed With a Kiss, Robin Morningwood Adventure, Love is Strange, Yearning: A Gay Story, Heaven . Find games tagged Dating Sim and LGBT like //TODO: today, Monstrata Fracture, Heaven Will Be Mine, Arcade Spirits, WORST DATING SIM on, the indie.

I was thinking of doing the same thing. Crazy that a smut game would have such a wholesome effect: I picked up Heirs and Graces on Steam awhile back when it was on sale.

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I haven't played it much, but it looks cute. In the furry department, there is also Amorous. While fairly short, and not exclusively gay but still more than half the options it has some great characters, is updated fairly regularly from what i can tell, and some pretty great sex scenes of that's what you want. Ok I hope I dind't miss any post, but here are some of the games I'm waiting on and some that have already been released that I like:. Legacy of the sadly now gone Black Monkey Pro.

Love the art style and some of the extra characters we will get because of the Patreon campaign are really cool. Looking at you Aiden!

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I tend to not play Black Monkey Pro's games due to the shotas. Can you ignore them in Camp Buddy? Well some of them look young, especially one of the boys at the camp, but from what I've seen most look mature. Anyway, adding England Exchange to the list.

There's A Gay Orc Dating Sim, And It's Surprisingly Smart

Just discovered it. Looks interesting. I'm looking up some youtube vids before I decide to buy or not I probably won't be buying England Exchange after all ha! But still it looks pretty good. I like the art style. No, Thank You!!! Is pretty damn good. Its way more bara. If you end up playing it i wanna know what you thought about it: Also if youre open to fantasy, this is still being worked on but has a demo. Might be worthy to take a looksee https: No, Thank You!

Fucking the chef with blood as lube is a bit more hardcore than I'm used to. Same with the Owner's ending. Really enjoyed the Boss route though, too bad there aren't really any 'dates' in the game. It's a bit longer and raunchier. The background story of the character is about the same as COOT, although I enjoy the in-game interactions. The art is better than in COOT, though there is less variety since it's voiced.

It has less updates than COOT as well. It has a bit of Harvest Moon-ish in that you have to go to the right rooms of the club at the right time of day to learn secrets about the characters that will unlock CG later in the game. It's easy to play through multiple times and learn a lot that you didn't know before, even when ending with the same romance. Anthrotari upcoming queer furry VN - demo is available https: I spent the playthrough being nice, didn't see any softening in the ending.

It doesn't look like anyone has mentioned Starfighter: I apologize if I missed it. I just picked it up so I can't rate it yet, but the artwork is fantastic and it's a sci-fi theme. I'll post back when I've finished a couple romances.

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Okay I've played through a few of the story branches in Starfighter. I will say a few things: Great story, although pretty short about 45 min per playthrough. Sex scenes are worked into the story more, and aren't rewards for finishing a story arc. Extremely cool art design. Half of the romance options are feminine to the point of looking like women, which I'm not a huge fan of. I actually thought the primary love interest was a woman for the first several minutes his name is Selene.

I've unlocked four sex scenes, and all of them were very hot, the dialogue especially. Overall, I'll recommend this game, especially if you prefer your guys more androgynous. Repeat is another good furry one no link cause mobile, just google "shirokoi" he's the creator. How's the story? The art a bit too slim for my tastes, but if the writings is good it makes up for it.

Story is interesting, if a little complicated. The three main characters are well fleshed out, and there are monthly updates.

One of them, Owen, is a lot bigger than the other two so you might like him better. Tried it, it was enjoyable. I skipped on the sex scenes with Owen as they are not in the best places. SHC is the best dating sim I have ever played story wise anyway. And Phil. FUCK Chris and his voice actor for making him unlikeable. Who'd you originally romance?