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The modern Vienna-Schwechat Airport lies around 16 km east of Vienna and offers ideal connections to the whole world. The city centre and your gay hotel in Vienna is reached quickly and easy by Train, S-Bah, bus or cab. Trains arriving from the east, for example from Salzburg or Germany, will arrive at the Westbanhof. Trains from the south or Budapest will arrive at the Sudbanhof. Connections to public transport are easy and safe.

The centre of Vienna is very compact and walking is not only easy but reveals a non-stop panorama of stunning views.

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The network of around km consists of 5 underground lines , 28 tram routes and 83 bus lines that criss-cross their way across the city. An environmentally-friendly transport option for Vienna is the 'bicycle taxi'. In three-wheeled bicycle rickshaws , two people can explore the city, plus take plenty of hand luggage. A three-day tourist card Vienna Card will give you hundreds of discounts and unlimited free travel by underground, bus and tram.

Most of the gay places are not far from the Pink Villa, around the famous 16th century fruit and vegetable market, the Nashmarkt. Vienna is also a club-metropolis: You will discover a new club every week, often in unusual locations, from former bank vaults to the storage room of a merchant ship. From Disco to minimal Techno, you will find every music style to dance to. Historically, many famous gay people have helped shape the city: The stunning Karlskirche Cathedral was built, The Imperial Palaces of Hofburg and Schoenbrunn were enlarged and he commissioned several magnificent baroque buildings.

Also the famous Viennese State Opera House was built by two gay architects: Every June dozens of colourful floats with loud music and dancers parade on the Ring Boulevard in a march against intolerance, exclusion and homophobia. To search for qaccommodation in the city using an easy-to-use map, try our main Accommodation Search Page.

We recommend finding a hotel that is as central as possible, so as to minimise travel time to the best bars, restaurants and shops.

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No website can list every event, bar, restaurant, club, sauna and tourist sight - but those that do end up with incomplete and often out-of-date listings. So instead, we've listed those websites below that specialise in each of these areas - giving you the very latest information in a few clicks. Different websites are big in different countries in Europe. If you get lonely in Vienna - check out Planet Romeo's website and app - or the Grindr app.

Our FaceBook Page. Hot Spot Guides. LGBT Events. Manage Your Account. Gay Clubbing. Travel News. Our top sightseeing tips for Vienna: Schonbrunn Palace is the former summer residence of the Austrian Imperial family. The Kunsthistorisches Museum hosts the former art-treasures of the Hapsburgs, including the largest Bruegel collection in the world.

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The Hofburg Palace was the centre of power of the Hapsburgs for centuries. From the middle ages until the beginning of the 20th century the Hofburg was enlarged and rebuilt. Today it hosts the Sisi Museum, located in the former Imperial Apartments, the Spanish Ridding School and the Treasure Chamber, with priceless crowns and other artifacts.

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The Albertina Museum hosts the largest and most valuable collection of graphics in the world. Special exhibitions also display contemporary art.

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Does not only looking for varying periods and finding new people nearby and green dating sites and installation of unesco world. Hot Spot Guides. Of course, if none of the above floats your boat, there are always the old-fashioned courting methods — talk to a stranger in a real life, strike up a conversation in a bar or, in the manner of Before Sunrise, chat on a train. The key is connecting with people who share the same outlook and are upfront about it. Why wouldn't we have a dating app? She does not want to reveal her identity because dating is not accepted in her culture.

The Museum Quarters is one of the largest art districts in the world. Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and co. In the summer there are open air events and enough space to relax and cool down.

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As well as changing exhibitions of contemporary artists it also shows numerous exhibits on the history of design, including many gems of the world-famous Wiener-Werkstatte. And the greatest barrier of all is still growing up as a gay teenager in a world that has such different expectations. There was really no place to go. Far too many falter on this path, however. A study at the University of Salzburg showed that a third of suicide attempts in Austria were by homosexuals, although they make up only 5—10 percent of the population.

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In the U. Worse, the carnage does not seem to stop with growing up or even after a successful coming out into an ever more accepting society. And a report by the U. Institutes of Health in Washington, D. Every time their own internal response differs significantly from what is socially expected or their behavior is frowned upon, called out or ridiculed by others, it bruises, quite literally, their self-identity and health.

For LGBT youths, this means as soon as they start developing sexually, they scan the environment and adjust their comportment accordingly. To realize at the age of 12, whether consciously or unconsciously, that you may never have a family like mum and dad can be gut-wrenchingly brutal — and without close role models to talk to about your feeling, the first choice is mostly denial and avoidance, leading to festering self-doubt.

Yet, when problems do pop up, hardly anybody traces them back to the difficulties of navigating their identity and sexuality as a teenager — even if all the statistics point to the crucial importance of these years. Minority stress like this shapes your way of thinking and processing events and feelings, not only as a kid or teenager, but for decades afterwards.

Has There Ever Been a Better Time to be gay in Austria?

Trauma, even if inflicted merely by accident, can have long-term effects even on your body and genes. One answer often is that, once out and proud, LGBT people like to party wildly and live their newfound freedom to the fullest. Many also see the scene on its way to becoming much more open and inclusive. Today, you are much freer to choose yourself how much and where you want to be involved with the LGBT scene.

Other trends, however, are also seen critically. Herr Finnland, 34, creator of the Nesterval adventure thrillers and a long-term event organizer for among others, the contemporary art festival Steirischer Herbst and the Imagetanz Festival, has experienced it all. Yet for many, finding and nurturing long-term relationships seems nigh on impossible. And while entering the LGBT scene and having fun at queer parties can be an enormous relief for those encountering this world for the first time, a world they hardly dared dream of, for some it can also mean additional pressure, expectations and hardship.

The outside world likes to think of gay men as stylish, smoothie-drinking gym rats or effeminate drama queens, and imagines lesbians as either muscular viragos or lascivious beauties. But the reality is that many LGBT people, too, tend to sort themselves into tribes based on their outward appearance. While nothing is wrong with having certain very concrete preferences, it is sometimes hard to fathom for young LGBTs, just out of the closet, to find they are put once again in a box and seen first and foremost as a sexual object.

At first, it is absolutely exhilarating, of course, and deeply satisfying. But with few societal models to aspire to and a cult of the young, fit and handsome, many gays can soon feel as lost and lonely in their new lives as they did in their old ones. The struggle for fulfillment, happiness and, most important of all, love, often does not end with coming out. This, it turns out, is often just the beginning. Talks with the Czechia, Slovakia, -Romania and Austria are ongoing. Showcasing the diversity of minorities within the community and telling their stories is also the aim of the Transition International Queer Minorities Film Festival in Vienna.

I wanted to change that. Having looked in vain for someone to talk to in his mother tongue, Can also started MiGay, a contact point for queer migrants. But there are many prejudices. For some, that also means seeing gender roles in a completely new light.